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Red Tea Detox

The Truth Behind Red Tea Detoxes

Many people struggle with weight loss as the gym can be overbearing, good diets can be hard to upkeep and liposuction’s are far too expensive for the average individual.

Then came tea detoxes.

When celebrities and fitness instructors began to promote tea detoxes as a means to shed the extra pounds, people believed this was the solution to their weight loss struggles. Countless brands began to market their tea detoxes as weight loss teas as well. All you needed to do was brew the tea and consume it once a day.

Fortunately for you, tea detoxes can play a helpful role in losing weight. Unfortunately, you’ll still need to work hard to maintain a healthy diet and workout regimen along with the tea, to witness any tangible results. Let’s just make that clear; you cannot expect to consume junk food on a daily basis and still lose weight by simply drinking a cup of tea.

Life is never that easy. Tea detoxes can aid in the weight loss process, but it can’t be the only component.

Red Tea Detox

Red Tea Detox (named after the tea’s colour), has been heavily endorsed throughout the market in recent years. A Red Tea Detox Program created by Liz Swann Miller has become a popular option for many people looking to lose weight fast. She claims this ancient South African tea has the power to help anyone shed the weight in a reasonable amount of time. Her program also includes a meal plan and an exercise regimen as well.

As previously stated, simply drinking a cup of tea won’t cause you to lose 14 pounds. Although, its health benefits are something to consider if you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

Rooibos leaves is the main ingredient in Red Tea Detoxes and is what gives the tea its red colouring. Originally grown in South Africa, this tea has certain properties that can help your weight loss journey.

1) Natural Sweetness

For those with a sweet tooth, this tea is for you. The natural sweetness from the tea can substitute the sweet cravings you may have from time to time. This can help stop you from indulging in any sugary and heavy guilty pleasures.

Better yet, this tea has nearly 0 calories! Not only can you satisfy your sweet tooth, but you don’t have to pack on any extra weight because of it.

2) Packed with Antioxidants

Don’t forget, our different bodily systems affect each other in one way or another. Antioxidants can help protect cells from certain damages which in the long run aids with a healthy heart, as well as preventing cancer and diabetes. This all leads to a healthier body. For example, with a healthier heart your workouts can be more efficient and overall you’ll be feeling healthier and happier given these antioxidants.

3) Speeds Up Metabolism

While there isn’t conclusive evidence, rooibos tea is said to help speed up your metabolism, making the break down of calories and fats in your body more efficient. Additionally, some studies have shown that rooibos tea contains a chemical compound that signals to the brain that you’re full a lot sooner. This prevents overeating which helps lower your calorie intake.

All of this power is packed within tiny dried rooibos leaves. As you’ll notice, when Red Tea is incorporated into a healthy diet and exercise, your weight loss results can be more than what you expected. Things in life are better when you work hard for it anyways.

If you are interested in a program that consists of a Red Tea Detox, you can join the program by Liz Swann Miller as mentioned. Her Red Tea Detox concoction includes rooibos tea leaves as well as other additives that aid with digestion and health.

Final Verdict

Implementing daily teas into your life is not only beneficial for your body but for your mind and spirit as well. It can lower stress levels and provide countless health benefits.

Red tea specifically has its own added benefits and can play an important factor in your weight loss journey. As long as you consume the Red Tea with a healthy diet and active lifestyle, you’ll reap the benefits the next time you jump on the scale.

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