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The Complete Keto Diet Guide For Beginners – Killer Creamery


The ketogenic diet aims to rewire our metabolism of fat stores in the body by eating lots of dietary fat. The body typically gets energy from quickly burned carbohydrates. The keto diet forces it to delve deeper into the energy reserves hiding in our love handles. 75% or more of your daily calorie intake comes from fat on this nutritional plan. Protein is 20% or so, and carbohydrates are only 5% at most.


Keto Resource aims to help you navigate this dramatic shift in your typical diet. It encourages you along the way so you can overcome that initial urge to buy out a Baskin Robbins.

The program teaches you about the five keto diet options to find one that works best for your unique situation. The plans break down depending on your weight loss goals, health, and activity levels.

The main version, the Standard Keto Diet, is for anybody hoping to reboot and lose some weight, help cure seizures, or heal dietary sensitivities. The four other plans are specialized for different scenarios, and Keto Resource guides you through determining the proper one for you.

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